Dear PEH Clients and Referring Doctors,

The state of Kentucky has deemed veterinary medicine an essential service. However, during the current COVID-19 crisis, Governor Beshear has asked medical professionals to postpone elective medical procedures and to allow for social distancing as much as possible. Park Equine Hospital is staying up to date on all state mandates and guidelines, and we are complying to the best of our ability.

Due to the nature of equine medicine, it is necessary to have staff present in our hospital and in the field. We are taking all necessary precautions to make staff and client interactions as safe as possible. Please be aware of the following changes to our daily operations: 1) entry into our hospital will be restricted to PEH staff members only, 2) increased monitoring and awareness of personnel health, 3) unwell personnel and/or those who present with fever, will be asked to stay at home, 4) increased awareness of personal hygiene, 5) implemented social distancing measures inside our facilities, 6) increased cleaning/disinfecting of work spaces and common areas, 7) pre-registration encouraged for all appointments, 8) client/patient forms will be transmitted electronically, 9) when possible, staff and client correspondence will be handled via phone, text or email, 10) all laboratory and pharmacy needs will be handled through our convenient drive through windows at both PEH locations.

In an effort to follow the state COVID-19 guidelines, we have determined which procedures may be considered emergent, urgent, and non-urgent.

· Emergent Cases- dystocias, major fractures, severe injuries, infected joints or other structures, colics, postpartum injuries or complications, sick foals or adults who may need critical care or isolation, etc.

· Urgent Cases (time sensitive)- sick foal and/or adult care, postpartum injuries, minor fractures, some upper or lower airway conditions, significant OCD lesions, time sensitive arthroscopies, significant angular limb deformities, etc.

· Non-Urgent Cases- castrations, cryptorchids, insignificant and minor wounds, some upper or lower airway conditions, some OCD lesions, etc.

Park Equine Hospital will continue performing procedures that are emergent and urgent, but will refrain from performing non-urgent procedures at this time. Please know that many conditions and illnesses may fall under more than one category, depending on the severity of the case. Each case will be evaluated on an individual basis, and the category will be determined by a PEH veterinarian. Additionally, we are making an effort to use washable and re-usable surgical caps, gowns and masks instead of the deposable types, as a way to conserve such supplies for other medical purposes.

The health and wellbeing of our patients, clients and staff, will remain our top priority. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this unprecedented situation. Please feel free to contact our office by phone or email, with any questions or concerns.


Park Equine Hospital

Committed to Care

Park Equine Hospital is pleased to offer two equine facilities. Our Paris location is a boutique style clinic offering outpatient surgery, diagnostic appointments, ambulatory, lab and pharmacy. The Woodford location is a full service, 24/7,  state of the art facility offering surgery, internal medicine, ambulatory, isolation, emergency, lab and pharmacy.